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Sky Décor is a company specialized in the design and
implementation of interior decoration for all types of homes
and companies
Sky Décor was established in 2014, it is a subsidiary of the
core company Sky Line.

We provide services at:
– Implementation of interior and exterior decoration,
whether modern or classic, it is carried out by professional
designers in this field.
– Implementing foundation for homes such as wiring hot
and cold water, ventilation outlets in homes and companies.
– Restructuring the design of homes and companies in terms of re dividing rooms, bathrooms, and
spaces to suit clients requirements


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what the purpose of decoration 

The word decor is originally a French word and means preparation or arrangement, and it is not, as is commonly believed, that its meaning is limited to decoration only. 

Decoration, or the so-called interior design, is the science that adapts different cultures and capabilities in the service of designing aesthetic elements within inherited customs and traditions, and depends on creativity and innovation techniques, so that the designer deals with all his materials, spaces, places, and lighting; To achieve an integrated design, through his familiarity with architectural principles and methods and their various techniques, and his knowledge of all materials and tools that he will deal with during the implementation of the work, and how to use colors and combine them with each other, 

As for its importance 

Home décor is one of the things that should be taken care of, it is an interesting tool, capable of influencing our mood quite simply, and it is a way to increase our happiness. And when we say “design”, it certainly means colors, shapes, and sizes, with all of these elements’ characteristics, definitions, and influences not only on the place and its space, but on man and his nature as well

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decorative elements 

  • Floors, as they play an important role in showing the shape of the design, as they clarify the spaces in it, and give a special elegance to the existing furnishings, and can be used by placing various accessories such as flowers that increase the charm of the place, and the floors have many shapes and types such as:

            Wooden floors. 

            Marble floors. 

            vinyl floors. 

            Moquette floors. 

Walls are very important to show the beauty of the design and its composition, as they are the first elements that attract attention when entering any place, and the designer must take the heights of the walls into consideration. 

 Because it contains doors and windows, so that it is suitable for design, and it can be equipped in three basic ways: 

Binding with various types of wood, both natural and artificial • 

Covered with wallpaper • 

 Paint it with different colors and graphics• 

 False ceilings• 

 Aesthetic accessories, and various pieces of furniture•

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Terms of starting the design 

Know the purpose behind the use of the design * 

Easy to disassemble, and move it from one place to another, without affecting its quality * 

Choosing quality materials that fit the customer’s budget * 

Adopting colors that match the customer’s desire and spirituality * 

Ease of movement between its components * 

Exploit the ventilation spaces well and effectively

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Why do we decorate our homes?

Important basics for successful design 

Any design needs a set of foundations that form a certain dynamism for the used elements, which achieves a beautiful rhythm with a uniform shape. 

and the most important of these foundations are: 

Balance in composition: a state in which design elements are distributed evenly and harmoniously, enhancing a sense of comfort for the viewer. 

The unity of design: and it often appears when determining the relationship between the elements according to a certain rule, indicating the designer’s awareness when planning the elements of his design, 

Among these rules: 

1- Shape and volume symmetry between the elements. 

2- The convergence of the spatial element. 

Color symmetry between the elements, colors and lines have an important role in linking design elements with each other. 

The space is that space that exists in the general form of the design, and is determined upon realizing the relationship between the elements used, and the floor on which they will be located.

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